Search Methodology

eXecSearch, we follow a formal stepped process to forge a strong partnership with the Client and the Candidate

1. Needs Analysis

We work with the Client to understand the need for recruitment, the business environment the company is in, the company culture and challenges it faces, and the specific challenges expected in the role.

2. Client Requirements

If a Job Description for the role has not been developed, we will work with the Client to develop one to communicate the job role. We would seek to understand, clarify and at times fine-tune the Job Description. This is to better communicate the role and intentions for recruiting.

3. Candidate Research

We will research the market through various channels to surface a ‘longlist’ of prospective candidates that will fit the role in terms of skills and job match.

4. Candidate Identification

We will interact with the candidates and over and above the assessment of the candidate’s technical competencies, we will also identify the candidate’s soft skills, personality traits, management skills, strengths and tendencies.

5. Evaluation

Having interacted with the group of potential candidates, we will evaluate the skills and cultural fit and shortlist the top candidates. In doing so, we would have verified their short term and long term goal/interests in wanting to working with the Client

6. Presentation

The top qualified candidates are presented to the Client with the reasons as to why we think they would be able to help the Client meet its business challenges

7. Reference Checks

Reference Checks are then conducted to verify and confirm the findings

8. Negotiations

We act as the intermediary between the Client and the Candidate to ensure that both sides obtain a win-win proposition, regardless of whether the Client offers the role to the Candidate or the Candidate eventually accepts the role. A balance between the expectations and the prevailing market rates needs to be achieved to the satisfaction of both parties. Candidates that are rejected through the search process needs to be handled carefully, as they could end up as potential business partners or customers.

9. Follow Up

We believe that placing a candidate is not just executing a single standalone transaction. We do periodic follow through to ensure that the Candidate and the Client are growing in their relationship, the alignment to the company goals, culture adaptation goes smoothly, and that the desired career and business goals are mutually achieved.

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